Sunday, November 19, 2006

Back to reality..

Taking the girls home went ok and I really tried to concentrate on the positives - we'd had 5 great days together. After I'd dropped them, B was waiting on the road side waving and crying - that kills me and I felt low on the way back, thinking about my relationship with them, how I wished I was nearer etc. Just about managed to keep my spirits up but it's not easy.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Bear down, Chicago Bea........Whoops, wrong Super Bowl. Yeah, that was the one the Patriots LOST. *sigh* Its gonna be a long summer.

We went to my parents house for a pre-game dinner. Forget the hot wings. Nacho dip? Uh uh. I was asked to pie. Always a football game staple. *Bree would be so proud of me.*

The commercials were almost as lame as Paul's halftime show. It seems no one was taking any chances this year. The best commercial in my opinion was the one with everyone applauding the soldiers coming home. Every time I see a soldier in uniform I always make a point to go up and thank them. I have a soft spot for the military. Dad served a couple of years during the restructuring of Korea (ok, he was stateside, but he did serve). And hubs is an Operation Desert Storm and Operation Enduring Freedom vet. So to all the military service people and their families....THANK YOU!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

I just found out that I rank in msn search engine for cellphone rates.So I placed adsense on ths page but can't seem to get them to display cellphone ads.It must be due to my talking about myrate where i got my cell phone and plan
Perhaps , its a good time to talk about the new cellphone i just bought.Its a Samsung SCH-A970.Features include a Swivel display for camera/camcorder mode
,2+ megapixel camera, w/2x optical zoom and auto-focus / LED flash
, Video Capture (supports long videos)
, High-Speed Data via 1xEV-DO
and Supports Bluetooth headsets/handsfree profiles.

Its fantastic.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Cellphone Rates

Arrggggghhhhh, just deleted my post by accident (god blogger is stupid, or maybe it’s me??)

Ok so I am in the market of a new cellphone and let me tell you it’s confusing business. There are just so many damn models, makes, rates and plans out there. I have decided on the make I desire but the hardest part has been determining the rate plan for my cell. Anyway I came across this great site called, it has some great information about cellphone rates and plans. I’d def recommend it if your hunting for a new cell, of a great rate on your cellphone plan.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Looking for Land thats for sale or even looking at buying a piece of land? Here is what i found out, i was browsing through the internet and found that in Vanuatu they have a few blocks of lands that are for sale some have waterfront land for sale.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Then is the crash, it where? I was anxious during my holidays bus not satellite where I was! obliged of me tapper the 20H!!! in any case, they were not well-informed of nothing. People calm, were slackened and nobody saw crash in his respective area.

It is harshly well assembled the plot of the real lobby which Raël, Junior and the witch denounce!! nobody realizes anything!

You saw in England, the prices were multiplied by 3 in 10 years!!!

"the United Kingdom: the value of the real goods has triplet in 10 years

According to figures' published Friday by the Halifax bank, the total value of the real estate in the United Kingdom has more than triplet in 10 years. In 2005, it reaches 3.400 billion books is 4.972 billion D’euros against 1.100 billion in 1995.

The value of the goods of the English capital only represents with it 584 billion books while the office plurality of the goods of Wales, of L’Northern Ireland and northern area of L’England S’raises to 520 billion books."

the continuation

And statement which the witch howls everywhere that there is a crash in England!! it should from time to time leave its asylum, ha ha ha!!!

then you see, the rise still has margin in France!

Sunday, February 19, 2006

An interesting, if somewhat, uh, dumb, opinion on a new euphamism for "athiest". I prefer "godless" myself. It seems that some athiests are attempting to brute force the use of the word "bright" as a noun for athiest. It's pretty dumb besides being grossly narcisistic. The piece begins by comparing the use of the word "gay" to describe homosexuals and homosexuality. Now, I don't offhand know the etymology of the gay and its relationship vis-a-vis homosexuality, but I'm pretty sure that it wasn't started by a cabal of, well, gays (or heteros, for that matter). Actually, given some thought, it seems rather likely that the term "gay" was used to describe certain personality characteristics of "gay" men. It origin and growth into the official English lexicon was organic, not forced, not manufactured. This is generally the case with euphamisms and foreign words and phrases.I am a bright.Well, that's your God-given right. You are (quite probably) a bright.Well, not in the way you mean.Most of the people I know are brights.Birds of a feather. You know, it's not very bright to assume that since you believe (or don't believe) a particular thing and most of your friends and associates think the same way you do, that your group opinion is automatically true. Actually, that's kind of dumb. Of course most of the people you know are godless. Human tend to be around people who share their values (or lack thereof).The majority of scientists are brights.And I find that to be damned shame. You might think that the people most trained to see God's majesty (that, his creation of life) not only ignore it but deny it. Presumably there are lots of closet brights in Congress, but they dare not come out.It's not very bright to make assertions and not back it up. It's intellectually dishonest.Notice from these examples that the word is a noun, not an adjective. We brights are not claiming to be bright (meaning clever, intelligent), any more than gays claim to be gay (meaning joyful, carefree).Bullshit. Pure and simple. Of course these athiests are claiming to be intelligent. That's why they're using a term traditionally associated with intelligent people. Furthermore, atheists define themselves in opposition to religion (more on this in a moment). By using "bright" to describe themselves they are in effect claiming to be more intelligent than all religious people.Whether there is a statistical tendency for brights (noun) to be bright (adjective) is a matter for research. I would dearly like to see such research undertaken, and I know the result I am betting on, but it is no part of the definition of the noun.This statement directly contradicts his previous claim, despite the last segment. Doublespeak that would have impressed George Orwell.